I confess, open arts intimidated me just a little. As a humanities professor I teach, among other things, appreciation of the arts. I lament that my students don’t always even bother to participate and really` seek out opportunities to experience in the art that surround us everyday.

Yet, I too am guilty of preferring to stay home, comfortable in the narrow range of experiences to be had within my apartment walls. I have fair reason for this preference and also a general anxiety that I am limiting my rewards. The potential joy of engagement with that which is out there.

Against this argument I propose to work during the open arts session. Rather than use this interval to drastically change my life and pursue the art of others in the world, I instead intend to more fully submerge myself in to firstly the art of my own life- I wish to watch the memoir of my motherhood play out in real time before me and also, more deliberately craft the art that is my life.

From the palette of my wardrobe to the arrangement of my books and perhaps even the tastes that pass over my tongue I intend to pay closer attention to the aesthetics that surround me and deliberately manipulate them to my liking. Engaging directly with the bits I don’t and challenging myself in the process. This is much more than interior decorating or out with the old in with the new. It is a part of the creation and recreation of the self. A living art form, rarely examined outside of the private sphere.  (blogs aside)

Secondly, I am continuing my yearly mission to read the equivalent of a book a week. Literature remains an art and thus will continue to have a prominent place in my open arts journey this Spring.

Lastly, my goal is to more formally acknowledge the other artistic endeavors that occupy my time and cohabit my world. Music, games and other art forms that surround me constantly yet go largely unacknowledged or sadly, sometimes unrecognized.

It took me a moment to gain the clarity I needed to begin this adventure in earnest, but with clear intention I now set sail to seeks the treasures that await me right here.

Mundanity is Humanity

I am on a never ending journey of loving where I am at.

Spontaneous moments of insight into the wonder that is my life and the specific details of it that make it so spectacularly amazing, brighten my world more frequently now. For that I am blessed and grateful. Reveling in these twinklings of time is replenishing, gratitude inspiring and exuberant. Recrudescence flows and then, as necessary, world returns to the mundane. This is good this is how it should be. Mundanity  is humanity.

We tend to sweep away the mundane. Banish it with entertainment, social media or medication. Frustration of the mundane nature of long commutes in heavy traffic, supermarket cues and the repetitive daily grind elevates stress and shuts us down from ourselves and others.

I look longingly and nostalgically at images of life in which people seem content in their daily tasks and the time they have just being. An idealized life for sure, still one worth aspiring to. With all the mundanity of humanity isn’t it our duty to enjoy that which consumes most of our time. it is noble to pursue enlightenment and transcendental experiences but in order for us to feel the exuberant high we must embrace and learn to love the low. The now.  The long commutes, the small apartment, the plumpness of my belly, the boorishness of the book, the seemingly endless horizon of time until the next break, holiday or meal, the not exactly where I expected to be by now career, life the everything. The mundane- because it is in the Mundanity that we experience our humanity.